Published Work

I'm Özge, a data journalist and graduate from UC Berkeley and Stanford University. 

Programming Projects in Python and Jupyter Notebooks

Master's Thesis: Campus Crimewatch

Using Twitter API to collect & analyze train delays on Caltrain

Extracting & displaying how many failed banks are in California

Data analysis of the City of San Francisco's employee compensation

Practicing web scraping, using API services, and data wrangling with FDA medical device recalls

Recreating LA Time's QuakeBot

Data Visualizations

Bay Area Cities' Cannabis Storefront Security Requirements 

California's tax revenue from cannabis businesses on the decline

Published work: Journalism Graduate Program at Stanford

Cannabis becomes taxing business proposition

Scroll: Stuck Between Four Feet And A Gold Mine 

Scroll: Solar Rights Groups Warn That Proposed Solar Tariff Will Kill California’s Rooftop Solar Industry. Not Everyone Agrees.

Cal Fire, seeking to prevent wildfires, conducts historic controlled burn near Santa Cruz

San Jose mayor candidate Mahan calls for state support to tackle housing crisis

San Jose mayoral candidate Chavez pledges to expedite San Jose housing construction

Published work: Criminal Justice Student Reporter at The Davis Vanguard

Long-Term Investigative Work

Vanguard Investigation: CDCR Sends People on a Wild Goose Chase for Release Dates, PPC or Early Release Eligibility 

Uncertain Future for Indeterminately Sentenced “Lifers” and COVID-19 High-Risk Patients; Major Failures in CDCR’s Early-Release Programs

Court Watch Articles

Arson Defendant Sent to State Hospital to Take Anti-Psychotic Meds – No Help for Vet, Sent to Jail Not Veterans Court

Homeless Woman Sets Fire; Judge Condemns Arson in Light of Vicious Wildfires Across California

Defendant Threw Frozen Meat at Seizure-Prone Victim, PD Requests His Release

Convicted Felon with Heart Condition Denied Release, Despite Having Chest Pains in Custody

More Reckless? Driving Drunk or Lawyer Not Wearing Mask in Courtroom

Court Ignores Plea of ‘Victim’ to Go Easy on Defendant after She Rejects Title of Victim

His Car Air was Fresh, but That Tiny Slip Leads to Court Troubles for Ex-Felon

Judge, Lawyers Collaborate, Cut Jail Time for Defendant to Attend Brother’s B-Day

Defendant Spills His Life Story to Judge, Disagrees with Charges – Goes to Prison for 2+ Years

Public Defender Convinces Defendant to Agree to Appear by Zoom at Arraignment

Judge Agrees Fresno Police Detained Defendant Unlawfully, Grants Defense Motion to Suppress Body Cam Footage

Judge Mulls Jurisdiction in Human Trafficking Case

 Published work: College Life Blogger at The Daily Californian

Travel Pieces

A quiet yet engaging city: Why you should visit Spokane, Washington

Get your cat a spaceship backpack and have the best summer

Road-trip with me: Moving from Southern California to Washington

Seizing the snow day? How to prepare for driving in the snow

Land of suburbia, Hello Kitty and Ferris wheels: What to do in Orange County

Don't be afraid to go solo: How I discovered the importance of occasionally traveling alone

Food Pieces

Say hello to hellim: What it is and how you should eat it

Where’s the beef? Not in Trader Joe’s Beef-less Ground Beef

Cal cooking chronicles: 1-sheet Greek chicken and potatoes

College Life Pieces

Dating and confused? Here’s a few signs of a healthy relationship

Making yourself a minimalist: A popular aesthetic we should rethink

To keep it long or to keep it short: That time I cried about a bad haircut

Girl gamers rise up: Combatting sexism in the gaming community

Reminiscing about studying in Doe Library: Can this feeling be emulated over Zoom?

The unwritten rules of jaywalking on campus

Why does being called a ‘tomboy’ rub me the wrong way?

Cat got your attention? Tips for training your cat during online school

Rules for thee but not for me: Dealing with roommates who aren’t COVID-19 cautious